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General discussion, problems, questions

first post: sometmes wrote: General discussion, problems, questions

latest post: yanterrien wrote: I had some issue at Windows startup because GmailNotifier2 was star...

Google Apps Notification

first post: gbrown321 wrote: Hello! I use Gmail/Google Apps at And of c...

latest post: ddwyer wrote: I just patched this.

Send to Gmail...

first post: gbrown321 wrote: Two suggestions:Have the context menu say Send to [registered email...


first post: gbrown321 wrote: This one is important. The primary reason I downloaded Gmail's not...

unable to find an entry point named SHQueryUserNotificationState

first post: HubertoKusters wrote: Hi,I recently upgraded to GMailNotifier2 1.2 in XP SP3 and since th...

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