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Small clone of google gmail notifier with some usability improvements.
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User documentation
I've written some documentation about main features of GmailNotifier2. Includes screenshots.
You can read it here
Major enhancements
Download latest release: Gmail Notifier 2
Notable changes have been implemented in this release. Most of the code have been reworked to allow inter-instance communication.
You can look at them in the "Main" branch in "Source Code" tab.

New features:

The first objective of this release has been security.
From the very first version of "Gmail Notifier 2", credential information can be stored using the "Save authentication" checkbox in the Options dialog. This makes it easier to use, and is ok if you feel comfortable with security in your computer. Of course, credentials are stored in encripted form, but this was not guarateed to be 100% secure.
If you prefer to enter your password in "Gmail Notifier 2" each time you log on your computer, you can now do so without having to retype it each time you use the "Send To Gmail" feature.

In this release, a better integration with gmail has been implemented.
Now when you click the "Inbox" or any email preview in the tray icon menu of "Gmail Notifier 2", you get automatically logged into your google account.
The protocol is borrowed from that used in Google Talk, and credentials are never sent as clear text over the Internet or out of process "Gmail Notifier 2" on your computer.

Multiple accounts.
I've always wanted this feature in an email notification tray icon. But I have never seen.
At home, the computer is usually always on, and my wife and I use it without worrying about switching session.
With this new version of "Gmail Notifier 2", now each have our notification icon in the tray, differentiated by color, and we use the browser profiles to avoid login problems.
Even the "Send to Gmail" feature is still usable! You get two different context menús, using the name of the icon color to select between the two accounts.
Wow! I like this :-)

Installer / Upgrade / Uninstaller
Mainly the functionality of "multiple accounts", but also the fact that the user can find the task of manually install the notifier a little uncomfortable, took me to write a simple installer.
For the sake of simplicity, I have included the installation program as part of the same application and deliberately not used specialized installation products.
The result is a very fast, personalized and non-intrusive to install than I expect you all enjoy.

If you have any problems, please use General discussion, problems, questions

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